Fiction Editor, The Rumpus

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With a loyal band of readers and assistants, I select short stories to run as Rumpus Original Fiction on The Rumpus website. I love stories featuring self-deprecating humor, heartbreak, and a touch of the bizarre. I've published quite a few pieces by writers who've never published fiction before, including "State Facts for the New Age" by Amy Sauber, which won a PEN award for debut fiction. I'm particularly interested in writing by women, people of color, and other marginalized voices. 

Rumpus Original Fiction is available to read here. If you'd like to submit a story, please do so through our Submittable page

Editorial Director & Mentor, 
Society of Young Inklings

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Through the Your Name in Ink publishing program, I give editorial feedback to young writers, copyedit novel manuscripts, design the interior layout, and work with an illustrator to help transform a child's idea into a real, legit book. Proceeds from book sales go to the charity of the young writer's choice.

I love working for Society of Young Inklings, a nonprofit organization that pairs young writers with professional authors through mentorships, contests, and publishing programs. I wish it had been around when I was a kid!

Freelance Editor


I've copyedited, proofread, and provided editorial feedback and continuity checks for a variety of projects, including creative nonfiction anthologies through PushPen Press, humorous online arts and humanities courses, a Bhutanese radio drama, community recreation center course catalogs, a 250,000-word sci-fi novel, and the always-wonderful Many Moons workbook by Modern Women.