Inevitable What: A chapbook of poems flirting with witchery, travel, iambic pentameter, and saudade. Featuring gorgeous watercolor illustrations by artist Sirin ThadaInterview with illustrator Sirin Thada at Witch Craft MagazineReview at Vagabond CityReview at Alien Mouth. Available in limited first edition hardcover, hand-bound and screen printed by Catch Business (Sad Spell Press, 2016), as well as a second edition softcover featuring additional illustrations by Sirin Thada.

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These gorgeous poems are haunting, intimate, incantatory. Sarah Lyn Rogers’s intelligence, sensitivity, depth, and wit exude from her lines. And she does not waste a word. Her control of craft leads to an explosion of meaning: “muted...And yet expansive.”

Kate Evans, author of Call It Wonder: An Odyssey of Love, Sex, Spirit, and Travel



They Said: A Multi-Genre Anthology of Contemporary Collaborative Writing: Collection of collaborative writing, wherein each piece was written by at least two living writers. Each piece is accompanied by a statement on how the two or more authors approached collaborating. Includes "This is not my beautiful hell," a poem that Isobel O'Hare and I wrote together. Out from Black Lawrence Press July 2018. Order here.

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Here doesn't feel like a place to end

up—more like waiting for a bus

that never comes.

— excerpt from "This is not my beautiful hell"



PEN America Best Debut Short Stories 2017: A collection featuring the 2017 winners of the PEN/Robert J. Dau Short Story Prize for Emerging Writers. Includes Amy Sauber's winning story, "State Facts for the New Age," first published at The Rumpus, and an introduction explaining why I selected her piece. (Hint: Because it is funny and also filled with rage.) Available now.

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I have hit a new low point in my life, crying in front of eight graders. I can’t even look at them. All my notecards have fallen, splayed out all over the floor. I point to my students without looking at them. Bless America, shit.
— Amy Sauber, "State Facts for the New Age"

Vine Leaves Literary Journal: A Collection of Vignettes from Across the Globe. The final issue of Vine Leaves Literary Journal (#19), compiled as a thick coffee-table book filled with art, photography, and short prose and poetry works. Includes my short fiction vignette, "Cosmologies."

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Today, you are an astronaut. You don’t know yet that like most things worthy of interest, outer space is both beautiful and terrible. You are four years old, and you want to wear a white suit and a helmet.

excerpt from "Cosmologies"


Three: An Anthology of Flash Nonfiction: A creative nonfiction collection in which each piece comprises three paragraphs or three haiku. Includes my short essay, "Butterfly Weather," and an embarrassing early version of my poem, "Grey" (which appears in revised form in Inevitable What).


Two@SJSU: An Anthology of Flash Nonfiction from San Jose State University: Creative nonfiction in two pages, tops. Includes my vignetty essays, "An Evening with Kim Addonizio" and "Cardio Tai Chi."


“Of all the classes of people who ever lived” and “THE FINANCIAL BENEFITS OF CHIVALRY” — erasure poems in the forthcoming anthology Erase the Patriarchy (University of Hell Press), edited by Isobel O’Hare

“Guided Meditation with Dead Musician,” “Guided Meditation with Mean Voice,” “Guided Meditation with Inner Child,” and “Guided Meditation with Gramps”Yes Poetry

Guided Meditation with Inner Mother” — poem at Grimoire

"Temperance" and "Becoming the Magician" — tarot medicine poems at Yes Poetry

"The Empress" and "Poem about My Uterus" — poems at FORTH magazine

"she apologized" and "like little lambs" — erasure poems at Dream Pop Press

“Mewl” — poem at The Rumpus

“Drones” — Pushcart-nominated poem at DMQ Review

On the Road erasures — blackout poems at Potluck Mag

“‘Sleeping Lady Plate,’ 1976” — poem at Cosumnes River Journal

“You Can Never Quite Forgive’ (148).” — poem (credited to “Sarah Lyn Rodgers”) in Caesura’s 2014 issue, (dis)Ability

“Rat Race” — poem at 3Elements Review

“Familiar” and “Spider Hands” — poems at Chantarelle’s Notebook


Lady Equestrian Seeks Bag of Money to Gallop at Her Side” — Jane Eyre humor erotica for Shipwreck (18+!!)

Chimera” — short story in drDOCTOR Vol. 1

“The Rumpus Interview with Leigh Stein” — interview at The Rumpus

“Calling Bhutan’s Fire Department to Save a Cat from a Roof Got Pretty Weird” — personal essay at The Missing Slate

“Flânerie in Lisbon” — personal essay at e-Cultura

“The Peculiar Profile: Daniel Handler on His Writing Process and Lemony Snicket’s New Series” — profile piece in Reed Magazine, Vol. 67, 2014

“Haunted (‘It’s bats’)” — flash fiction in the Rumpus Readers Report 

“Ephemera” — flash fiction in Vine Leaves Literary Journal, issue #10

“Little Red and the Elf Princess” — short story in Iris Brown Lit Mag. Vol. 1 (and only), 2014


2018 finalist for Dream Pop Press chapbook contest

2016 Pushcart nomination for “Drones”

2016 Best of the Net nomination for “Drones”

2014 Academy of American Poets - Virginia de Araujo Prize for “Rat Race,” selected by Santa Clara County Poet Laureate David Perez

James D. Phelan Literary Awards

  • First place in Metrical Verse under Thirty Lines for “The Somnambulist,” 2014

  • First place in Familiar Essay for “California Wild Rose,” 2013

  • Second place in Metrical Verse under Thirty Lines for “Breathe,” 2013

  • Second place in Free Verse over Thirty Lines for “Cups,” 2013